I have been an RN for over 35 years.  I have a BSN from Metro State College, MSN from Grand Canyon University, MA in Management from University of Phoenix and a PhD in Healthcare Administration.

I have a wide range of experience ranging from Forensic and Psychiatric Nursing to Medical/Surgical to Nurse Educator.  

  • Management: I have a company in Arvada, since 2005, Cannon Health Care Consulting and Education with several employees. As the Chief Nursing Officer, I not only run the business, but I provide education to the internationally educated nurse to pass the NLCEX and integrate into the workplace.  I am an International Speaker on this subject.  Prior to this, I was the Chief Nursing Officer for a Simulation company, overseeing all departments and education of students. Prior to that, I managed 23 satellite medical/psychiatric clinics. I was the Director of Medical Records and Auditing Department medical records for the Mental Health Corporation of Denver, as the Health Information Systems Manager (HISM), serving the chronically mentally ill consumer in the city and county of Denver, with direct employee supervision. This has provided me with the needed experience to run the Coroner’s office and oversee employees and the knowledge to review Medical Records in detail. As the HISM Director, I have testified in numerous court cases for patients who have died or committed crimes by protecting their medical records and patient privacy through HIPAA. I worked as an Medical Records Consultant and Auditor and served the Western US for medical claims. I designed and implemented the indigent medication program worth over $600k of medications to the psychiatric community in need. 
  • Forensic and Crisis Nursing: I have worked as a Forensic Nurse at the Denver County Jail, giving me exposure to working directly with Law Enforcement and Investigations. I am certified in Critical Stress Incident Management (CISM) and worked many years attending to Crisis situations, both as a CISM and a Psychiatric Nurse (including Columbine, Missouri floods, Katrina). I have worked with a team to train Jefferson County Sheriffs on CISM.  I have over 10 years of experience at the Veterans Hospital in Denver as a medical/cardiac nurse and have experience in post-mortem care of the patient. I have dealt with the death of patients throughout my career and have also notified families/loved ones of death and dealt extensively with suicide. I have the skills for speaking with families in difficult times and during a crisis.  I have published a book called "Mental Health Crisis - Criminal Justice System"
  • Psychiatric Nursing / Nursing: I have worked as a Psychiatric Nurse III for over 15 years, dealing with mental health issues for those with chronic mental illness, suicidal and homicidal situations and managed a case load of 205 psychiatric clients from the Department of Corrections.  I have placed M1 (mental health hold) on clients for over 15 years and worked in several settings from clinics to jails to hospitals.  I have over 35 years experience as a nurse. I have worked various areas, such as Cardiac, Dialysis, Medical, Surgical, Post Acute Care, Emergency, and several administration positions. Prior to that I worked as a Nationally Certified EMT on an ambulance and as a Surgical Tech and LPN.
  • Service: I am the President of Jefferson County Nurses - District 20.  I am a member of the JeffCo League of Women Voters.  I remain on a Senator appointed Legislative Taskforce for the Criminal Justice system involving the mentally ill juvenile.
  • Employment: I am a Professor of Nursing at a BSN School of Nursing. I teach Nursing Research, Psychiatric Nursing and Community Health. I currently do oversight at several hospitals in the Denver area, making rounds on clinical capstones.