The topic of issues was brought forth through a media question and a constituent question.  I think it is vital for the Coroner to not only be Educated and Professional, but also be Genuine and Compassionate. I believe I hold true to those values and have addressed the following issues below.  While the Coroner may not have a direct connection to these issues, I think they speak to the character of the type of person that belongs in this office. These qualities are important to our community as a whole.  I have given a statement on my values surrounding these topics.

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Public Safety
  • Death Prevention measures 
  • Gender Identity and Record Keeping

In general, suicide prevention is directly related to reducing the number of deaths and should be brought to the forefront, and addressed as a priority within our families, community and county.  


I believe in working upstream to tackle this issue. This means providing health care that works, addressing social issues, and assisting those in rural areas too.  Public safety is a huge net that covers accidents, crime, juveniles, services provided and violence rates. 

I believe that all persons should be treated equally, and decedents must be treated with dignity and compassion. It is critical to provide the highest standards of post-mortem care for the transgender population and have the data reflect as such.

Our sustainability requires that we address these issues.  However, as Coroner, I will be a Strong Voice in the County and in the Communities!