Public safety is my top priority and is a huge net that covers accidents, crime, juveniles, suicide, drug related deaths, services provided and violence rates. In general, these issues are directly related to reducing the number of deaths and should be brought to the forefront. Public safety is a priority within our families, community and county, and it requires a comprehensive effort from many departments and persons. Our sustainability requires that we address these issues. 

In addition, the opioid epidemic is having a profound effect on the Coroners position, due to the increase in the number of related deaths from opioid use disorder and overdose. The rates have increased significantly in Jefferson County.  Because the office investigates and performs the autopsies, this creates an overloaded system for required personnel, workloads, increased court cases and the budget funding. It’s important to address issues and identify solutions that are tied to the entire system.

I believe that all persons should be treated equally, and decedents must be treated with dignity and compassion. It is critical to provide the highest standards of post-mortem care for all populations/persons and have the data reflect as such.

Our sustainability requires that we address these issues.  However, as Coroner, I will be a Strong Voice in the County and in the Communities!