In brief, this is a description of what a Coroner does from the Jefferson County Coroners office.

"The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office is created by the Colorado Constitution and mandated to establish the cause and manner of death for people who die suddenly or unexpectedly, or who are not attended by a physician at the time of death. The Coroner’s Office is also required to investigate deaths from accidents, acts of violence and other special circumstances." And here is more information: "Many citizens don’t realize that the Coroner’s responsibilities extend far beyond the scene of death and the autopsy suite. We review thousands of pages of medical records each week. We work closely with hospice care professionals, law enforcement agencies and first responders, area funeral directors and physicians.
Most important, we work closely and compassionately with more than a thousand families each year as they cope with the loss of a loved one. Often, our relationship with family members and friends may continue for months."

Given the above description, I believe that I am qualified to hold this office. My Education and Experience has placed me in many different situations in the past 35 years.  This includes taking care of my patients, determining and treating illnesses, investigating medical records through audits and discovery. I have worked as a Hospice Nurse and Psychiatric Nurse for many years and know the needs of not only the patient, but that of the families. I can relate to colleagues of my profession that are hospice care professionals, and have worked closely with physicians my entire career.  As a forensic nurse, I have worked with law enforcement and have also been a first responder myself as an EMT.  My work at the Veterans Hospital as a Cardiac Nurse for over 8 years gave me experience of dealing with post-mortem care of our patients.  I have the compassion and the experience to work with families and assisting them to cope with the loss of their loved one.